Kenebunkport Sunset

Posted on 10/11/2011 by Doug Shoop | 2 comments

Yesterday was a glorious day in Kenebunkport, ME, where it was an astonishing 85 degrees on Oct 10, and very clear skies.  I was hoping for a few clouds to add some drama to some photos, but it wasn't to be.  We had just made a quick run before dinner to show my kids the George Bush compound, and on our way back, this looked like it could be a cool sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.  I did an HDR of this, but this was the first photo of the bracketed shot.  It doesn't reveal any lens flare, but I really liked the rocky coast in dark shadow.  The clouds just gave it some nice sunburst effect in camera.

Go ahead, take some photos into the sun.  I'm getting more confident in doing it and actually, don't mind the solar flare, it's kinda cool.  Enjoy.


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