Grand Central Station

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How many times have you thought your house was like Grand Central Station?  Fortunately, it's not, but it can feel like it when everyone is going every which way.  GSS is a difficult place to take a photo in because they have the tripod police not allowing you to set up a tripod, and they are suspicious of anyone w/ a nice camera.  I grabbed this long exposure shot while resting the camera on a railing.  The motion blur tells it all.  Enjoy.

The Grand Tetons - Mt. Moran

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All I can remember from this photo shoot is watching a family of coyote's cross the road right in front of me.  Fortunately, they weren't interested in me.  I was interested in catching the moon reflection in the lake as the sun rose in the east..  This is the Grand Tetons with Mt. Moran the big mountain in the background.  Enjoy.

Washington Monument

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There is so much crap that goes on in Washington DC, that it often overshadows how beautiful this city is both day and night.  The planners really got it right.  Taken from the Lincoln Memorial near the reflecting pond.  Enjoy.

Grace Episcopal Church in Winter

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It was unseasonably hot today in the upper 80's, so I thought I'd cool down and post up a winter time photo.  This is a photo of one of the entrances to Grace Episcopal Church here in Medford, MA.  This is one of the few buildings in Boston that was designed by famous Architect H. H. Richardson.  I believe I took this after the blizzard had passed and it was a beautiful night.  Enjoy.

Is it poultry?

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I've heard ostrich meat is tasty.  Can't say I've ever had it.  Not the most attractive creature. In a wildlife mood again today.  I was able to get a good close up of this guy before I rode him in a race.  Not really, but got you thinking!   Enjoy.

You talkin to me?

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Here's looking at you kid.  I caught this red tail hawk in a tree behind my parents house in Ohio.  This guy was surveying the field for mice or whatever he likes.  Enjoy.

Sunrise on Hilton Head II

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Here is another sunrise on the Atlantic Ocean taken from a hotel room on Hilton Head, SC.  The kids were sleeping in the room, I went to the balcony, waited for the moisture to leave the camera lens and shot some pics.   Enjoy.

Just for Fun

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Ok, this is a fun pic of a couple of girls jammin at Fanuel Hall in Boston several years ago.  Love the hair and this really candid moment where they appear to be having the best of times.  The hair matches the guitar and the shirt. Enjoy.

Sailing away

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Heading back in after tackling the Atlantic under full sail from an easterly wind, I captured this sailboat just outside of Rockport's harbor.  Motorboats are fun, sailboats are cool.  That's perhaps the funkiest lighthouse I've ever seen.  Enjoy!

Soon to be Bloomin

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This is a close up of a flower bud that captures its entire potential for growth and beauty.  Sometimes the bud is as beautiful as the flower itself.  This may be a zinnia.  Enjoy.

WTC Steel

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While I'm in the NYC posting mode, I thought I'd share a photo of the makeshift monument of a steel I-Beam cross erected on the World Trade Center construction site.  Crafted from the remains of the building, this is a solemn reminder of the tragic event.


Jersey City Memorial

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Perhaps I should have posted this yesterday, on the anniversary of 9/11.  This is a photo taken on the New Jersey side of the Hudson river, looking towards downtown Manhattan.  This poignant statue is a proper framework for the lives lost when we were attacked by those cowards.

Textures Galore

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I know, it's been a while.  I was off the grid for a couple of weeks.  This is a photo of a very large anchor bolt that secured a cannon used to protect the US against possible attack.  Located on Georges Island in Boston Harbor.  The textures casting shadows on the concrete at this time of day were very rich.