Hook me up!

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Hey, can you hook me up?
I tried to get the angle w/o the tree in the background, but I just wasn't 10' tall.  While the sun had just set, I loved the shadow from the crane and the construction lights providing some rim light on this beauty on a 30 ton crane. Enjoy.

The Beautiful Rivet

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Simple, yet elegant. From the "They don't make them like they used to" department. This underside of a train bridge is the last photo taken before it was demolished a few weeks ago. I was fortunate to be there documenting the demo and reconstruction work, and have other cool photos to share from this project.

I just love the patterns of rivets in this 1890's era bridge. Enjoy


Santa's visit to our Christmas Tree

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Stayed up till 1:30 am working on this shot.  Santa had just visited.  The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, the kids were all nestled, snug in their beds and their nutjob dad was fiddling with lighting the living room just right.  Merry Christmas.  Enjoy.

Lighted Forest

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There is a drive through theme park of lights somewhere near Alliance, OH that we happened on a few years ago. Thankfully there was a nice snow cover and some really cool lighting displays. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy.

Frost Mosaic

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This is just crazy. New England, three days before Christmas and it was 55 out today. Almost balmy. To get myself in the spirit of Christmas, I thought I'd post this ice mosaic that formed on my car earlier in December on one of the few cold nights. I love the way nature forms it's own patterns. It looks like leaves on the roof, but it's only ice crystals forming on the metal. Pretty cool. Enjoy.

A Building's Details, Portrait style

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Turn your head, you just might see a better shot.

I pass by this building every day on my way to work and never really thought much about it till I visualized it in portrait mode. I think the column, the arches, the horizontal rusticated limestone, the arched brick and the green shrub make for a very compelling composition, when cropped out of the building. The cross on the column capital gives it away that it's a church. Enjoy.

Dorchester Sunrise

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Sunrise over Dorchester, MA. If any of you know about Dorchester, MA, it's reputation for crime and murders precedes it, but on this one morning last weekend, while I was standing on a rooftop taking photos of a construction project, for over 20 hrs. straight, in the 20 degree weather, I captured this beautiful sunrise.

The silhouette of the church and another structure located in the town square could only be seen from my vantage point. I was happy to make it off the roof without incident, because it was a sheet of frosty ice. Enjoy.

Poised Egret

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I caught this bird while taking photos of a pond for a local magazine. An unexpected find near the outlet stream, hunting for fish.

Off to a 3 day straight photo shoot of a train bridge replacement, south of Boston. First time at it, so it should be fun. Enjoy.

The RollOver

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OMG, I'm in the middle of a rollover.

Sort of. My 16 Yr. old daughter was logging some driving time and I was goofing around w/ the camera. I learned this trick from +Rick Sammon years ago at a photo workshop. Set the shutter on 1/15 of a second turn and shoot, wait to you get a good one. You aren't typically going at 40MPH when you do this, but try it standing still. It works great with flowers and colorful things. Thanks Rick for the fun technique. Enjoy.

Little Miss Photogenic

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I was at a 2 yr old's birthday party and found this photogenic young lady ready and willing to pose for some glamour shots. She was so cute and the light coming in from the window was perfect. I wish all the kids I photographed were as helpful as she. Enjoy.

Sunset Family Silhouette

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Don't you just love the impromptu family moments. I had taken the tripod on vacation and was photographing some sunset photos and we all decided to jump in the frame and act goofy. This was taken on Marco Island, FL. Enjoy.

Pole Lights

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Ok, so I'm walking to my home office after dinner and I caught this sunset over the neighbors roof and thought the beautiful blue sky with the Christmas lights wrapped around the porch column looked cool. Isn't it great to take a photo when you are least expecting to make one? Enjoy.

Christmas Lights

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Snapped this photo of my daughter next to our Christmas tree. The light coming from the tree was so soft and essentially like a giant soft box. Not sure how this would work if they were multi-color lights, but with all white, it works nicely. Enjoy.

Tiny Spider

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On my way to work last summer, I saw this spider web that had caught these cool raindrops from the night before. I grabbed the tripod and started shooting and it wasn't until I looked at the shots, that I noticed the spider in the web. This spider was no bigger than the tip of a pen. Interesting things come in all sizes. Enjoy.

Scraggly Tree

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Yes, riding home with my 16 yr old daughter, I needed something to take my mind of her new driving skills, and coaxed her to pull over while I took some photos at Lake Quanapowitt in Wakefield, MA. Enjoy.