Fly eyes

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I think I chased this fly around the flower garden for about an hour, trying to get a close up of his eyes with my 60 MM macro.  Finally, he wasn't spooked by my being so close, so I was able to grab this just before he launched to another flower.  All this, while waiting for a table for dinner at a local restaurant.  Enjoy.

Dead Wood

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I guess I'm a sucker for marshy dead wooded areas. They have that eerie, murky, what's in the tall grass kind of thing going on. The sun was on it's way down and I've been waiting for the right time to take a photo of this open area near Kimball Farms in Westford, MA. Enjoy.

Over the Rainbow?

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow - electric lines bisect. We had just driven through some heavy rain and the sun cleared right near this lake in Maine. Timing is everything.   Enjoy.

If a Tree falls in the Woods?

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Have you ever been walking in the forest, and you happen upon an old fallen tree, wondered when it fell, how it fell, and did anyone hear it? JK. I really liked the textures, rocks, mold, colors, and all that, while heading back to the car in the woods near Jackson, NH. I was looking over my shoulder for Bears, but stopped quick enough to grab this HDR shot. Enjoy.

Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

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These little guys don't stay in one place for too long, so this was purely accidental. I was taking pics with my 60mm Macro of the beautiful flowers outside the Red Fox Restaurant in Jackson, NH. Waiting for our turn at dinner. He's lucky this wasn't a venus fly trap. Enjoy

Pre-Irene Waterfalls

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I'm glad I was able to grab this photo three days before Irene came through. I understand that these little falls were more like Niagra falls in the aftermath of Irene's rainfall. I'll have to go back, take some pics from the same location and see if any of those rocks were dislocated.

This was taken when the sun was setting behind me and most of the foreground was in good shade. HDR required here. Enjoy.

Basin Waterfalls I

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I ended up capturing a bunch of waterfalls during our trip to NH recently. This is one of the waterfalls with a serene and easy drop, at an area called the Basin.

Cranmore Mt. View

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This is a view of the Mt. Washington Valley at North Conway, NH taken from Mt. Cranmore.  We did one of those day passes, traversed the tree tops on ropes, zipline, and chair lift to the top.  Beautiful day and awesome view.  Enjoy.

Converging Trees

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I was wrapping up taking some cliffhanger waterfalls photos and walking back to the car, looked to my right (keeping an eye out for bears) and noticed the sunlight filtering throught the trees. The family was anxiously awaiting me so we could head out to dinner. I knew this was going to be a great candidate for a wide angle shot, distortion and all. Located near Goodrich Falls, Glen, NH. This kind of thing is only possible in HDR. Enjoy

Goodrich Falls, Glen, NH - pre-Irene

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Only three days after I took this photo, Irene came through and added another 12' of water to this sleepy waterfall. I saw a video of this area on youtube and where I was standing was completely covered in rushing water. I beleive it's back to normal now. This is in Glen, NH at the Goodrich Falls. I'm anxious to revisit this next time I'm up there. Many of the roads and bridges were washed out in this area and it's hard to imagine this beautiful, serene view is forever changed.  Enjoy.