Blizzard of 2010. NOT

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Winter Blizzard of 2010.  It was a huge storm, but we only got about 16" here in Medford, MA.  This photo begged to get the old fashioned treatment.  Enjoy.

Backlit Christmas Tree Ornaments.

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Christmas tree ornaments backlit.  A sign of the season on the high seas.  These ornaments were neatly arranged in a display I found on the cruise we took this past summer.  One of the shops on the ship was selling these hand blown beauties.  Enjoy.

Castle in the Clouds Waterfalls in NH

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There are just never enough waterfalls to photograph.  This one is at Castle in the Clouds in NH.  Here is a tip, if you want to capture the waterfalls with that smooth look, remember if you can, use a tripod and slow the shutter speed down to 1/15 of a second minimum.  1 second is even better.  If you don't have a tripod, use the timer and set the camera on something.  Enjoy

Ouch, Don't Climb that Tree

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No, this is not a close up of a rose bush, but a photo of a type of tree found in Costa Maya.  I saw this next to the Mayan ruins, and thought the spikes on the outside of the tree were pretty awesome.  Nice defense against climbing animals.  Enjoy.

Snowy Midwest Weather

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While it's pouring rain and 50 degrees out here in Boston, I know the midwest is preparing for a monster winter storm.  This is a photo of the Mystic River after a snowfall a few years back.  This is the John Hand Bridge, my office is on the ground floor of the red brick building.  Enjoy and stay warm.

Mystic Lake Sunset

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Hard to believe this is another spectacular sunset at the upper mystic lake in Medford, MA.  This is looking towards Arlington, MA.  Not sure what this building is, but it's really old.  Enjoy.

Can't teach an old Dock new tricks

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These three old dock posts were jutting out of the water on this otherwise pristine beach in Roatan, Honduras.  Must have been an old shipping dock, but the tourists have killed it with their desire to keep the ships away from the beautiful beach.  Enjoy.

Anchors Away

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This photo is my first black and white image I ever took with a digital camera.  We were taking a family day in New England traveling up the coast near Gloucester, MA, and I saw this beautiful old anchor.  I framed the home in the background under it's massive arch.  Enjoy.

Vines on Tree

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Perhaps it's just me, but I gravitate to the beauty of nature.  I think the extending vines and contrast in color between the plant and the tree are very appealing in this photo.  Enjoy.