Instant Cotton

Posted on 2/29/2012 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

We finally got some snow here in Boston, and before it melted, I caught these dead flowers outside the office with what looks like cotton sprinkled on the top. I also see dandelions ready to shed their seeds. Enjoy.

It's all been a Blur to me

Posted on 2/27/2012 by Doug Shoop | 2 comments

I was photographing a 40th anniversary party at a restaurant and looked outside to see they still had their Christmas lights up. The new LED's give a bluish white color and w/o the autofocus, make for a nice effect. Enjoy.


Posted on 2/26/2012 by Doug Shoop | 2 comments

MMMMMMM, yea, lots of M's. I was taking some macro photos of flowers when I spotted the candy jar and couldn't resist. The blue ones are just as good as the red ones. Enjoy.

The Pink Lily

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The irony here is that I can't stand the smell of these flowers.  My allergies aside, they are quite beautiful.  So taking some macro shots of these lily's caused me some discomfort, but I held my nose and fired away.  Enjoy the colors.

Floral Blur

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I had some time to take some macro photos last week from the various flowers that were part of Valentines day around here. I'll share a few more soon, but this one, tweaked in lightroom is my fav.

Paint Job

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I've been sitting on this photo for a while, not sure what to do with it, so I gave it the old photoshop paint job. Enjoy.

Sunset Silhouette

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She looked to the west and saw the light.  Enjoy.

Bunker Hill Bridge Framed

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I was in Boston last weekend at North Station ready to board the commuter rail home and looked up, and sure enough, the curved off ramp from Rt93 framed the Bunker Hill Bridge nicely. I didn't have my tripod so I stood as still as possible and at 1/10 of a second, made this shot. It had a yellow cast from the HID lights, so I took off some of the silly color cast and It almost looks like I caught a glimpse of a UFO in the shot. I always look up. Enjoy.

Sailing Sea Grass

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Oh, I wish I were standing in the warm Gulf water right now. Memories of our trip to Marco Island where we took this sailboat to a shell island. This sea grass nicely close to the edge gave me a flowing curve to play off the sailboat. Enjoy.

Ramped up Sunset

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Just about to leave work and glanced out the window, grabbed the old camera at work and shot this sunset through the trees. Aren't Lightroom's sliders fun? Reduced clarity, increased saturation and vibrance. 30 seconds, done. Loved the colors this way. Enjoy.

I was looking for the full moon tonight but the clouds are messing up the deal.

Sunrise Explosion

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I caught this sunrise from the deck of our cruise ship the last day of the trip in Ft. Lauderdale. It looked like a bunch of explosions over the horizon as the sun peeked around the cloudbursts.  Enjoy.

Dark Shadows

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Remember that show. I have a vague memory of it being on TV when I came home from school as a kid and was always frightened by Barnabas Collins. He was the first real vampire character, 40 years before Twilight.

It kind of looks like it might be from a church, but this is a shadow from an old bridge.

Golf Course Cart

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This old car was sitting in the middle of a golf course between holes. Very strange place for it and I am thinking it was there before the course was built around it. Or, perhaps its just a really old golf cart. It looks so gangsta. DroidX photo. Enjoy.