Shells and Flowers

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Shells and Flowers.  What a nice combination of colors and the tiki boat beyond.  This little display of tropical beauty was found at the beach we visited in Roatan, Honduras.  Enjoy.

Old Vocano's make Beautiful Islands

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This old volcano sure makes a beautiful island.  It's interesting volcanic rock plunges into the ocean and the vegetation grows out of the crevasses. This is Roatan, Honduras, with one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever been on.  More pics from here later.  Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I believe this wild Turkey was saved from enjoyment by humans this year.  Actually, he was walking across the road in Rockport, MA, so unless he and his pals got hit by a car, he's safe for another year.  Enjoy!

Fall Solitude

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As fall sets in on the Gervasi Vineyards, the swans get their last feedings in the distance and two empty chairs await their admiring visitors.   Enjoy!

Old never looked so good!

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This guy is really aging well.  Looking good after a million years or so I suppose.  Tyrannosaurus Rex looks as menacing as a skeleton as he does with flesh.  Taken in Cozumel, in a museum in a mall.  Enjoy.

The Giant Leaf

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I saw this lone, giant leaf resting on the steps of the Mayan temple we visited this summer.  It was out of place, but wonderfully beautiful in its withering colors, juxtaposed on the ancient steps.  Enjoy.

It's all Black and White

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When I took this photo, I was thinking black and white would be the best way of showing the texture and depth of the roots, leading up to the Mayan temple ruins in the background.  I'm not sure what kind of tree this is.  Taken in Costa Maya, Mexico next to the Mayan ruins at Chacchoben.  Enjoy.

Our Ship is better than their Ship

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How's this for irony.  I realized that this photo reveals the ship we sailed to the western Caribbean on this past August, was docked beside the infamous Carnival Cruise ship, as seen here in Costa Maya.  We heard bad things from the passengers on land about this ship months ago.  Today they finally got towed from peril at sea.  So glad we didn't go on Carnival.  We were on the Royal Caribbean's Celebrity Solstice, a truly remarkable ship.  Highly recommended.  Enjoy.

No Don't Jump!

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Well, the water was pretty cold, so I don't think she's going to jump in the lake in late October.  My daughter pondering life while looking out across Lake Winnipesaukee in NH.  Enjoy!

Mysterious contrails

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I saw a story on the news tonight of this mysterious orange vertical smoke plume in, of course California.  The military doesn't know what it was, nor does NORAD, nor does our defense department.  It looked like a rocket trail, but the mystery remains.  This photo I took off the deck of the Celebrity Solstice while heading into the western Caribbean looks eerily like that photo on the TV.  I think this is more like a weird cloud thing or jet contrails.  Definitely not a rocket.  Enjoy.

Rose before the Frost

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While vising my parents this past weekend, I was in amazement how in November, the roses were still in bloom in the front of their house.  On a cloudy day, they were grabbing their last day of live before the frost that would come the next night.  Enjoy.

Fall is IN

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"Fall Leaves Fall"  That was the name of a song we did in HS choir.  Well this is a real "Fall" photo, lots of colors.  Taken at Gervasi Vineyards in North Canton, OH.  What a place.  Fantastic restaurant, incredible grounds, gazebo, pond, swans, a gem in the middle of middle America.  I've got some more pics from here to share later.  Enjoy.