The Reaching Tree

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I really liked how this tree reaches out over the water, so I moved into position for the sunset to be framed by the tree branches.  Enjoy.

Tetonic Reflection

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How many photos have you taken from a horse?  I shot this in Jackson, WY of the Grand Tetons reflecting off this pond while taking a trail ride.  Highly recommended excursion through this area.  Enjoy.

Sneaky Lighthouse

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Lighthouse peeking through the trees. Not your typical lighthouse near Manchester by the Sea. I thought it was cool how it wasn't at the end of a rocky sea. Near Tucks Point. Enjoy.

Moonrise over Charlestown

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Eating dinner at Tavern on the Water in Charlestown, we caught the moon coming up over the buildings across the Boston Harbor. Steadied the camera on the railing to grab this shot. Enjoy.

Empty Slips

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As an Architect, I tend to gravitate to patterns and lines and it leads me to make photos of things that don't present themselves as an obvious photo opportunity. Try it, next time you are somewhere, you'll be surprised how many things you are missing that can make interesting photos. These boat slips in the Charlestown Marina were all empty, but the reflection of the boats behind sort of make them ghostly full.  Enjoy

Honey, grab me a yellow jacket!

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No, not that one.  This one will really sting if you put it on.  Eastern yellowjacket looking for pollen I assume.  I know he wasn't looking for me, thank God.  Enjoy.

All in a Days Work

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Ladybug doing what it does best, foraging over the top of a field weed.  He looked so cool doing his business.

Sailboats at Rest

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One more pic from the Rockport, MA harbor late in the day.  The sun is behind me low in the sky and the hues are rich with blue.  Enjoy.