Harbor Town Lighthouse

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My first real digital camera was a Canon Powershot G1. 3MP of fun. I still have it and use it on job sites on occasion. No filters, no ND filters, just catching the sun in Harbor Town on Hilton Head at the right time. We vacationed there for years in a row when the kids were young. Love that place. Enjoy.

Rivet, Rivet

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Close up of a 100 year old rivet that's showing signs of age.  Enjoy.


Hook me up

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I'm having a hard time grappling with this one!

These things are very large and intimidating, knowing they lift things up and put them down. I mean really, really, heavy things. Enjoy.

Medford Cover Art

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This is pretty cool. I'm working with a company called Community Connection, our local phone book company to provide cover photos for a handful of their 2012 phone books around Massachusetts. It started out with my town, Medford. It looks like I'll be doing other cities and towns as well. This is my first one. - A photo of the Mystic River in Medford Square. Enjoy.

Balls of Fun

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The Wheels of Life keep rolling on.

Actually, these are some rusty ball bearing type rollers on a seldom used conveyor. Loved the pattern and specular quality they had. Enjoy.

Orchid Shower

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A group of orchids resting in a bowl of water.  Enjoy.

Crappy weather photo shoot

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I don't have the luxury of taking tons of photos with gorgeous models, so when my daughter has her girlfriends over, I coax them into a photo shoot.  This is my daughter's good friend from across the country who came in December to visit during the holidays.  The weather was very crappy, rainy, overcast, misty, and foggy, so I brought a reflector down by the Mystic River, and made the best of the giant soft box from the sky.  I'm lucky all her girlfriends love the camera.  Enjoy.

Mini Snow Mountains

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Lately, I'm in this kick wherein I look every day to see what nature has left me to photograph over night. A 2" snowfall on the patio outside my office left these patterns of snow mounds between the brick pavers and sand joints. Only possible because they retain heat differently. Waiting for the sun to melt off the thin spots and leave the snow hills.    Enjoy.

Ice Painting

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We've all seen ice sculptures, but this is natures way of painting the water. This is ice on the Mystic River that seldom forms unless it's below 15 degrees. It looks like it was painted by the guy from PBS with the giant afro and soft voice. Remember that guy? He always painted those pristine, yet fake landscapes from nowhere. I loved watching him. I can hear him describing his techniques on this one. Enjoy.

It finally snowed!

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We finally had our first snow in New England. I wouldn't call it much of anything, but I thought I'd post this pic of the Mystic River from one of last year's snowstorms to get us in the mood for more. It's going to be 45 today, so it won't last long. Enjoy.

Orange Line Sunset

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Fall sunset over the Mystic River. The bridge in the background is the Orange Line commuter rail. Enjoy

Tree columns

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A beautiful old train station converted into a senior center here in Medford. I just love the hand hewn wood columns that evoke the feeling of a tree. Also the rusticated stone treatment on the facade. So glad they didn't tear this gem down. Enjoy.

Winter Weed

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Winter Survivor. I always thought these winter weeds were quite delicate. Enjoy.

MMM Mike's Pastry

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North End, Boston. I used a filter in Photoshop on an HDR photo to give it a painterly look. Mikes Pastry is a famous pastry that, as you can see, is quite popular with the tourists. Enjoy.

Nice Wheels!

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I pick things up and put them down!

Yea, this looks like a lot of wheels, but this is the small version of the machine that lifted the 800 Ton bridge a few weeks back. This machine is specially made in Germany for heavy construction lifting. The other unit had 120 wheels, each individually operated by computer. Each wheel can turn 45 degrees and lift hydraulically about 24". It moves really, really slow, but it lifts things that the largest cranes in the world can't lift. It's pretty cool. Enjoy.

Steel Milky Way

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I think this looks a bit like a nighttime photo of the milky way, but it's actually a photo of tiny molten steel sparks spraying from a welder's torch bouncing off a rustic stone wall. Enjoy

Central Park Utopia

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Central Park last Fall. How is this possible it's in the middle of the greatest city in the world? Enjoy.

Season of Wither

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This is a struggling dandelion that bloomed earlier in the week. This is blasphemy having dandelions in the yard on January 1, we are supposed to have snow. Enjoy.