Beachside view from Roatan

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I won't be posting for several days so I'll leave you with this photo I took from the beautiful beach on Roatan, Honduras.  Enjoy.

Ft. Lauderdale Sunset

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While waiting in line for dinner one night in Ft. Lauderdale, the sunset in the west lit up these clouds on the eastern seaboard nicely.  It's unusual to get such a colorful sunset from the opposite side of the pond.  Enjoy.

Ocen Blue

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It's Costa Maya, Mexico.  If you ever pull into port while on a cruise, make sure you visit the ruins.  It's a beautiful ride through a very poor Mayan village, showing how they still live today.  The mysteries of why the Mayans vacated their temples hundreds of years ago remains alluring.  Remember when around water, use a polarizing filter.  Enjoy!

Lines and Patterns

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Here I go again with lines and patterns.  You can see I'm fascinated with repetitive lines, perspectives, and beautiful details.  This is another photo of one of the restaurant details on the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship.  You just can't put down the Architect in me.  Enjoy.

Electrical Coolness

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I can guarantee you won't know what this is.  I thought it was very cool so I just had to take a photo.  Give up?  The circles look like the tops of batteries, but they are actually lighting devices.  This is a ground mounted exterior tree lighting device.  I believe this may be LED technology, but the array of lenses, capacitors, wires, circuit boards, and chipsets make it very techie.  Enjoy.

Sunrise at Ft. Lauderdale

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OK, so this wasn't a planned photo sunrise shoot.  We woke up from our cruise after docking in Ft. Lauderdale and bam, this was waiting for me.  I grabbed the camera, ran to the side of the boat, and after waiting for the lens to un-fog, started firing away.  Spectacular sunrise.  All I had to do was wait for the birds.  Enjoy.

Flowers in the Sand

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I literally crawled in the sand for this photo.  I think the topless sunbather next to me was wondering if I was trying to get a shot of her "no tan lines" body.  It was all about framing the photograph.  In order to appreciate the beauty of the sand flowers ??, I wanted to get the sand crab perspective.  Taken on Roatan Island, Honduras.  Enjoy.

Patterns and Rhythms

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More patterns and rhythms here.  Can you guess what this is?  Making it black and white enhances the focus in my mind.  Here's a clue, it was taken at sea.  Still can't figure it out.  It's a photo of the sunlight patterns cast on a bench seat in the Bistro on Five on the Celebrity Solstice cruise ship.  The restaurant has these horizontal slats running everywhere, sort of a Japanese motif, but they made for some very interesting shots.  More to come later.  Enjoy.

Lake Winnipesaukee from the clouds

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I took this shot of Lake Winnipesaukee this past Columbus Day from the road to Castle in the Clouds. We didn't actually go see the castle, but did see the waterfalls (photo in later post) and got these great views of the lake from the road.  Enjoy.

Lines and Rhythm

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I have always been fascinated with curves, rhythm, lines and repetitive things.  Perhaps that's the Architect in me, but when observed with a photographers eye, things take on a different perspective.  Pun intended.  I took this with a Kodak Playsport video camera, using it's 5MP built in camera.  OK quality, but your best camera is the one you have with you.  Enjoy.

Sky on Fire

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I'm not sure exactly where I was on the Atlantic when I took this photo, but it was somewhere just south of the Florida Keys while we were heading towards Grand Cayman.  I didn't do anything to this photo, the sky was this vibrant.  Enjoy.

Beautiful Flower

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I should know more about flowers, I take so many photos of them.  When I see one that I like, I try and capture the beauty of it.  I have many more to post.  If you know what kind this is, please comment.  Enjoy.

The Grand Tetons in August

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I realize the Grand Tetons look more spectacular with a beautiful snowcap on them, but this is how they look in late August.  Relatively bare, but still quite beautiful.  I found this photo taking location by asking some of the locals.  The calm water is part of the snake river, but as an offshoot, it's perfect for reflections.  This is one of my favorite shots.  Enjoy.

Yellowstone's Lower Falls

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Yellowstone National Park's Lower Falls.  One of the most photographed waterfalls in the world.  It's still spectacular, from any view.  You can see why the park is called Yellowstone from here.  The limestone is a beautiful hue of orange and yellow. Enjoy

Cadillac Tailfin

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I love classic cars.  Mostly 60's and 70's with a preference to muscle cars.  But who can deny the beauty of the 1950's tailfins.  Anyone who knows me is aware that my favorite classic car is a 1963-67 Corvette.  One of these days I'll own one.  Enjoy.