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OK, so we had one of those light fluffy 2" snowfalls last night and as I was heading into work, I had to stop and take some macro shots of the snowflakes as they came down.  It was a bit tricky finding the good ones, but I did get a few.  I liked how this one had a hexagonal attachment on the top.  Enjoy.

Train in Motion

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West Medford train stop after the snowstorm.  The train was pulling away from the stop and I purposely took the longer exposure to grab the streaking purple line.  Enjoy.

Winter benches

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After a recent snowstorm, I was out taking photos and saw these three benches that I've sat on during the summer, but they just didn't look very inviting on this night.  Enjoy.

Aberjona River bridge

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This is a different view of the bridge over the Aberjona River in Winchester center.  Taken at night after a big snowstorm.  I kept having to move my car so the snow plows didn't flip it in a snow bank.  I like how the slushy snow just sits on top of the water.  Makes you hungry for some strawberry syrup and a slush cone.  Enjoy.

Winchester Center at night

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I've got more from Winchester center.  This area is so pretty during a hot summer day, and just as beautiful after a snowstorm.  Notice the church steeple in the top center.  Enjoy.

Aberjona River in Winchester Center

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On another post storm evening, I ventured out to Winchester Center.  This little waterfalls is a popular spot for ducks and kids watching ducks in the summer.  Not tonight, they must have taken the night off.  Enjoy.

The Fluffy Stuff

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Here is a shot of the John Hand foot bridge across the Mystic River during the light (10") fluffy snowstorm of 2/1/11.  Taken just outside my office on my patio.  Notice the swan just passing under the bridge.  Enjoy.