Rust Bucket

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I was doing a photo walk in the Back Bay, Boston and stumbled upon this gem, rusting away, coated in tree junk, bondo and everything else.  I saw this one in a nice sepia tone, so there you go.  Enjoy.

It's the Eye of the Tiger:

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Lilly that is.  These really tall flowers are just blooming outside our back window.  Hard to capture them with a macro because they are always moving in the breeze.  I waited for a really calm day for this.

Old Saybrook Sunset

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I snuck out of this wedding I was attending this past Saturday to grab this hand held HDR shot of the sunset over Old Saybrook, CT.  The reception was under the tent and the "cottage" was right behind it.  Long Island Sound is to the left.  Great spot for a "summer home".  Enjoy.

Godzilla on the Harbor:

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If you squint, you'll see the insanely outrageous Godzilla cigarette boat hustling seasick passengers across the Boston Harbor.  The red/ yellow speedboat takes about 30 passengers on a wild and raucous ride around the Boston Harbor for tours all summer.  If you are ready to handle the vomit inducing ride, strap yourselves in and enjoy.

Drinking at Remy's Seaport:

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Settling in last Sunday afternoon for a drink or two at Jerry Remy's Seaport bar/ restaurant.  Great view of Boston Harbor and I happened to catch this clippership sail by the Hyatt Logan.  Inside the bar everything was very contrasty, so this made for a good silhouette photo of the people across the bar enjoying their libations.  Enjoy - because I sure did.

Images of a Ship Stair

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I believe this is what the Architect had in mind when they designed the new stair at  the Legal Seafood's Boston on the Harbor.  This beautifully crafted stair takes you from the ground level to the third floor balcony overlooking the harbor.  It will be hopping this summer for sure.  Enjoy.

Red Canyon

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Words can't begin to describe this place.  Imagine the most awesome thing you've ever seen, to the 10th power.  Sunrise over the Canyon.  If you haven't visited, put it on your bucket list.  Enjoy.

Floral Heat

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Taking some pics of my daughter w/ her prom date, I saw this beautiful arrangement of flowers and grabbed a quick shot of this flower.  I know nothing about flowers but after some Nik post processing, it kinda looks like it's on fire.  Enjoy.

Covered Souvenir Shop

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It's great that these old covered bridges are preserved but it sort of cheapens them when they build a dorky shops and sell crappy souvenir's on them.  Just saying.  Enjoy.

Shifting Gears

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I wasn't quite sure what these were, but they looked like an assortment of bearings, gears and roller bearings from motors.  Either way, I had B&W in mind when I shot this last week.  Enjoy.

Blue Sunset

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While riding back from Yellowstone to our cabin at Jackson Lake Lodge, I saw this view from the roadside and had to stop for a few pics.  So glad I caught this view during this sunset.  Enjoy.

No Model Release?

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I did not get a model release from this steer.  And he looks pretty upset about it.  Enjoy.

Biggest Diamond Ever

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I wish.  This crystal was hanging all by itself at a crafts fair this past weekend, and I got on my knees to shoot up and grab this shot.  All those colors and it wasn't in the sun.  Enjoy.