Elk hamming it up

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Don't you stick your tongue out at me.  Like one of my kids, this elk was hamming it up for the photo.  I captured this in Yellowstone while on the way to Old Faithful.  Enjoy.

Sittin on the Dock of the Lake

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Medford's upper Mystic Lake was the setting for this beautiful sunset as two friends lazily passed the time away.  Enjoy.

Cool Night on the Mystic

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After 3 continuous weeks of 90+ degrees, the humidity has finally dropped and it's supposed to cool down tonight.  I thought I'd post this photo taken off the patio at my office in Medford Square showing a recent snowstorm that left it's fall on the treetops.  This should make you feel cooler.  I'll wait the 4 months till we see the snow again.  Enjoy!

Mt. Moran

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I just can't get enough of Wyoming mountains.  This is Mt. Moran as seen from between the trees on a crazy road leading to a lookout on the opposite side of the valley.  I precariously pulled the car to the edge and shot this one.  Enjoy!

Squirreling it away

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It won't be long before the squirrel's begin to stock up for the winter.  I took this guy on the top of a ski mountain (during summer) in Teton Village in Jackson, WY.  Enjoy.

Sunrise Glow

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This heat wave we're having this summer makes me yearn for those hot and humid days in Hilton Head on our summer vacations.  Oh the humidity!  This is one of those ominous sunrises over Hilton Head, SC that was the prelude to an impending hurricane coming up the coast.  Enjoy.

New York Park

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As New York fans mourn the passing of George Steinbrenner, I thought I'd post one of my shots of a cityside view found in Central Park, NYC.  Enjoy.

Another Mystic Lake Sunset

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The new improvements the State has made to the Mystic Lake Dam and surrounding area has opened up the views to the lake.  I went to grab this photo the other night as I thought I'd get more color in the sky during a sunset.  This was equally impressive.  Enjoy.

Bridge in NH

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This is the bridge where the Russian spies were swapped.  Truth is, I can't remember what town this was in.  I am sure it's in lower NH.  It's a beautiful example of how wooden structure railroad bridges were built.  Enjoy.

Iguana in the Sun

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It's so hot out here, I bet this guy would think it's downright cool.  I caught this guy while vacationing in Aruba.  Love the colors.  Enjoy.

Ellis Island

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If it weren't for Ellis Island and the immigrants from the early 1900's, our country wouldn't be where it is today.  Most of us owe a great debt to our ancestors who risked their lives to come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their families.  God bless America for making being "proud to be an American" mean something.  Enjoy.

Sky Fireworks

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As I sit here posting this hearing lots of fireworks going off around me, I just came back from the upper Mystic Lake in Medford, MA where the sky was putting on a fireworks display of it's own.  The reflection off the lake was phenomenal.  Enjoy.

Red White and Blue

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In recognition of the long fourth of July weekend, here is a fun photo of a flag with some flowers in the background.  I took this shot while on a photo "safari" with famous photographer Rick Sammon.  It's taken at 1/15 of a second while rotating the camera.  The American flag gives it a nice contrast of color.  Enjoy.