Old Man of the Sea

Posted on 8/27/2010 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

This guy has been here for 85 years staring out at the Atlantic in somber memorial of all the fisherman who have lost their lives working hard to feed our country.  I'd say he looks pretty good for his age.  Located in Gloucester, MA on Stacy Esplanade, there is a nice memorial to take in.  Enjoy.

Come Sail Away

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Waiting and waiting and and anticipating when this sailboat would pass in front of the view near the rocks where I wanted it.  Photo taken just off the coast at Rockport, MA.  Enjoy.

Floral Colors

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Not being much of a flower enthusiast, I know very little about species, etc, but I really enjoy taking photos of them. So many great colors, textures, etc. I've quite the collection of flower shots. Nature is pretty cool. Enjoy.


Nostalgic Gathering

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Believe it or not, this was taken a few weeks ago in Rockport, MA.  These "old" summer basket weave style folding lawn chairs sitting in a semi-circle sitting behind this cottage caught my eye.  It reminded me of when I was a kid and the family would sit outside in the summer and just chat.  Giving it a grainy black and white look just felt right.  Enjoy.

Hilton Head South Dock

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During our frequent trips to Hilton Head, we often ate at the Salty Dog.  Famous place, but this one evening the sky was looking very cool during a sunset on the harbor.  Enjoy.

Chrysler Building from the street

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Most of the photos you see of the iconic Chrysler Building in New York City are taken from other buildings and high up, but this was a unique opportunity as I caught this beautiful building in sunlight from the shade of nearby buildings.  Enjoy.

Tidal Pool Reflection

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While visiting Rockport, MA last weekend, I ventured out over the break water rocks (rock climbing with camera dangling involved) and found this very vibrant algae encrusted tidal pool that made for some nice rock reflections, while capturing a beautiful yacht just off the coast in the background.  I'll have a few more from this location in later posts.  Enjoy!

Moonlit Tropics

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Look very close and you'll see the quarter moon up there glowing in the beautiful night in the tropics.  This photo was taken in Aruba at the Hyatt during one of their daily spectacular evenings.  Enjoy.