Washington DC Subway

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This is a hand-held photo of the Washington subway system.   I was very impressed by it's cleanliness and efficiency, as compared to the Boston system.  The stations are spacious and the system is easy to navigate.  I thought this waffle slab ceiling was incredibly beautiful.  Enjoy.

Rock and Roll Dude

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I was visiting my sister in Ohio, where I grew up, and we decided to make a trip to Cleveland for the day.  This is a photo of the inside of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, right before I was immediately told by security "No Photos".  Living on the edge I guess, as long as I'm not selling them.  I.M. Pei, the building's Architect, would have hated this policy.  Enjoy.

York, Maine Lighthouse

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OK, I just posted a lighthouse a few days back.  This one is located in York Maine, two states away.  I make a point to take photos of every lighthouse I see as they remind me of my Mom, who really loves lighthouses.  Enjoy!

Truck needs a little work

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I admit it to everyone, I'm a car guy.  I also love the classic cars, mostly muscle cars from the 60's and 70's.  Well this clearly isn't one of those, but I couldn't resist the photo op while driving through Maine north of Kennebunkport.  This lonely sole was parked outside a friendly family lobster shack, although there weren't any patrons at the time.  Can't imagine why.  Enjoy.

New York City Moon

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This photo was taken from the Hyatt in Jersey City, NJ.  The skyline of New York is spectacular from this vantage point and made for some excellent evening photos.  Enjoy.

Sunset Fountain

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We were hanging out at a local Mall in Cancun, Mexico as the sun was setting one beautiful evening a few days before Hurricane Daniel forced us to leave. The kids were enjoying the water fountain on a hot day and the sunset made for some great colors.  Enjoy.


A Lighthouse and a Bridge

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You are looking at the Newport Harbor Lighthouse located in Newport, RI just off the mainland and next to the Hyatt hotel.  In the distance is the Newport Bridge.  How original.  I liked the play of the sweeping suspension bridge, the scale of the lighthouse and how it almost appears to stretch itself over the top of the diminutive lighthouse.  Lots of stuff going on here.  Enjoy!


Spring is coming

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Today was another great spring day here in Massachusetts.  In that spirit, I'm putting up a favorite photo from our Arizona trip a few years back.  This is a picture of Sunset Crater Volcano.  The remnant of a volcano that erupted about 1,000 yrs ago.  The flowers were in bloom and I crawled down in the grass to take this photo.  Thankfully, no snakes or scorpions.  Enjoy!

Baby's Feet

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A few years back, my niece asked me to take some photos of her newborn child.  This was one of the photos I took of her holding her son's feet in her hands and became an instant favorite of hers.  It's amazing how quickly he began running around on those little feet.  Enjoy!

Guggenheim from the floor

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As you will come to realize, Frank Lloyd Wright is perhaps my favorite architect.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit the Guggenheim Museum the last time I was in New York.  I wanted to get a different perspective of this beautiful structure, so I laid down on my back in the middle of the main floor and shot some photos up towards the skylight.  Just before security scuttled me out of the area for doing something "against the rules" I suppose.  Enjoy!

Horseback Ride Spectacular

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Well, actually, this photo could only be taken from the vantage point of my horseback.  We took a trail ride through the Grand Teton National Forest and came upon this spectacular view of the Grand Tetons.  I have lots of them to share later, but this is one you won't see in many books.  I highly recommend taking a trail ride when out there, it's loads of fun.  Enjoy!

Bison staredown

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On our trip to Wyoming, we made a few trips to Antelope Flats, where the Bison roam free outside of Jackson.  This isn't in Yellowstone, it's in someone's backyard.  They made for some great photos when approached from a safe distance.  My kids thought no distance was safe, but I guess I like living on the edge.  These are awesome animals to see close up.

Lady Liberty

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Monday is Patriots Day here in Massachusetts and I was thinking of what would be an appropriate patriotic symbol to post.  A few years back we did the New York City trip with the family and hit the ferry to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.  Even if you grew up in this country, it's still a moving experience thinking about the millions of people that came through this area, and this was their first impression of the United States.

Butterflies Courting

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More signs of spring.  I must admit, I couldn't possibly capture these butterflies in the wild.  A few years back, I visited the Franklin Park Zoo with my family and during our visit, spent some time in the butterfly exhibit.  The butterflies were very difficult to capture while still, but I was fortunate enough to grab these two together at the same time.  If you enjoy taking photos of wildlife as I do, zoo's are a great place to grab some great shots.  One of these days I'll do that photo safari.

Aruba's Natural Bridge (no more)

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This is the last known photo of the "Natural Bridge" in Aruba.  Not really, but I took this photo while on vacation the summer before it mysteriously collapsed in the middle of the night.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but the landmark attraction on the island of Aruba is now a broken bridge.  We walked on that.  It fell just like the "Old Man in the Mountain", sort of.  Enjoy

The Grand Tetons

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If you ever have a chance to visit the American west, make sure you end up visiting the Grand Teton National Park, which is just south of Yellowstone.  This photo was taken along the road between Jackson Hole, WY and the Grand Teton National Park entrance.  The vistas of the Grand Tetons in this 25 mile stretch are spectacular.  I thought the wild horses in the foreground gave the mountains some scale, considering they are miles in the distance.  Enjoy.

Springtime at Jefferson's Monticello

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I thought this photo was fitting since it’s springtime around here and the magnolias, dogwood trees, and spring flowers are in mid-bloom form.  Not only did Thomas Jefferson design an incredibly thoughtful and architecturally significant home, the grounds are spectacular in the spring time.  One could argue that Jefferson was perhaps the most talented president this country has ever seen.   Enjoy.

Sunset Solitude

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This is one of my favorite photos.  I was walking along the Mystic River one day and saw this guy Kayaking down the river.  I ran to the spot w/ the good setting sunlight, caught this photo.  I had my first 3MP Canon Powershot G1 with me and as they say timing is everything.
The trees, St. Joesph’s Church with the sun reflecting, it all seemed right. I think it’s a Medford thing. Enjoy!

Bunker Hill Bridge

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I had the unique opportunity to tour the Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge in Boston, MA about two months before it was officially opened.  An integral part of the 14 Billion dollar “Big Dig” project, this bridge represents the icon of the entire project.  I still haven’t photographed this at night, but it’s spectacular.  Enjoy.

My First Photo Post

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For those of you who don’t know, this is the  John Hancock tower in Boston, MA.  This photo is a sort of replica of a picture I took about 20 years previously with my Dad’s old Minolta SRT-101.  I had used this film camera in college and took a great picture of this building, which was a slide and I liked it so much, that I had several enlarged and gave them out a gift to my parents.  It still hangs in their home.  This is from basically the same location, with the same type of cloudy / sunny day, but taken with my first good digital camera.
This photo represents art, architecture, and beauty to me and was an inspiration to me to pursue photography in the digital world.