Lego my Eggo?

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Lego my Eggo.  Oops, wrong phrase.  This is a telephoto shot of the giant Lego sign in Rockefeller Center, NYC.  If you look closely, you will see that the sign is made up of tiny little Lego construction workers arranged strategically to spell out their logo.  Very clever.  It looks like the inside of one of those extreme home makeovers with all those workers jammed into a house.  Enjoy.- Happy Halloween too.

Like a Rock- 30 Rock that is

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Whatchulookinat.  I don't know what she's looking at.  Perhaps the bra store across the street?  I can't say I remember who this was a statue of, but it's located at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, overlooking the ice skating rink.  Yes, last weekend they were ice skating already.  Very cool.  We didn't ice skate, but it would have been fun in October.  Our recent snowfall makes it all seem right.  Back to the photo, I had to make this an HDR image because there was too much contrast going on.  Hand held as well.  Enjoy.

Giant Lips in NYC

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Have you seen the hanging sculpture in Central Park South in NYC? It's a collection of giant inner tubes that hang from a network of steel pipes. Looks like a collection of botox lips. I converted this into a black and white because, well, it just looks better that way. Enjoy.

Fall in Central Park

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So, we are walking around New York City and end up at the Park Plaza.  It's getting late in the day and Central Park is right there so we took a short walk around the lake.  It's a great time to cruise around Central Park, the colors are out, the people are out and the weather was awesome.  I don't know the name of this bridge or pond, but I love the Ivy spreading across and turning a deep red.  Enjoy.

NYC Cathedral

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We were visiting NYC last weekend and my daughter insisted we check out this church right down the street from 30 Rockefeller Ctr. I didn't have my tripod, so I rested my camera on a pew and did a 3 step HDR. I couldn't get in the middle of the church, so I had to make due with this angle. Enjoy.

Sunset on the Bush Ranch

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Yes, this is a sunset photo looking east out over the Atlantic Ocean.  The family was in Kennebunkport, ME a few weeks ago and we wanted the kids to see President Bush's home/ compound up there and it was getting late.  Having the moon rising in the east was a bonus.  I don't know if President Bush was there, but the security was definitely a presence.  Enjoy.

Steeple in the Trees

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I was strolling around Kennebunkport, ME a few weeks ago while the girls were shopping and I was trying to find a way to photograph the steeple of this beautiful church in the center of town. Sometimes it takes a while till you find your vantage point, but after a while, I found the best view. There was a clearing in the trees that nicely framed the steeple. Keep walking around your subject and you'll find where it's best shot is. Perhaps a few weeks later and the leaves would be a beautiful color, but you take what nature give you. Enjoy.

The wooded dock

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OK, yesterday I was talking about not just focusing on the things in the air, but on the ground too.  So this post is more about getting LOW.  For this shot, I was literally sitting on the dock of the bay, while sitting my camera on the dock itself and taking a shallow depth of field shot of the wood planks on the dock.  This was in Maine north of Ogunquit.  Hard to believe it was almost 80 degrees in October when I took this.  There is a manual draw bridge for pedestrians in the shadows beyond.  Enjoy.

Don't Forget to Look Down

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Don't forget to look down.  It's fall, and everyone talks about the trees, the trees and their beautiful colors.  Don't forget those colorful leaves end up on the ground and can create some beautiful colored displays.  These are a few shots I took this morning on my walk to work.  Even the base of the tree was coated in a rich green moss that extends to the root down the hill.  Enjoy.

Medford's Fall Colors

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As I was walking to work, I was struck by the trees and how they seem to be changing colors in stages in front of the Medford Public Library.  I made it to work, grabbed my trusty 40D and walked back to snap a shot.  I had rained all night, the rain had stopped for a while and the clouds gave me a huge soft box to shoot into.  The colors really pop when it's cloudy out.  Hard to figure, but that's how it usually works.  Enjoy.

Hilton Head revisited

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I was doing some housekeeping on Smugmug and came across this photo from many years back that need some attention. I had originally posted this as right out of the camera. I took this long before there was HDR and it's pretty much untouched except for some help from a Nik plugin. I'm liking this Hilton Head, SC pic much more now. Enjoy.

More Dead Wood

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I keep driving by these marshy, open areas with all these dead trees in and opening.  I find it very creepy, so I had to take this photo last Saturday.  I was out driving with my daughter (she's 16 now) and purposely had her pass by this area that I've wanted to shoot for a while now.  Hope you like it.  Enjoy.

Millersburgh, Oh

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f you've ever visited Millersburg, OH, you've seen many Amish buggies roaming the streets.  What's cool about that is they run right alongside with cars, and gently pull over to the side to let the internal combustion vehicles pass by.  There is even a special wide shoulder for this to happen.  The fields are also quite beautiful and rolling so I waited for this buggy to pass when it was in front of the background I wanted.  It felt like a good black and white would suffice for this shot.  The sky was grey and there wasn't much color in the original shot.  Enjoy.

Yellow Flowers abound

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Lots and lots of yellow flowers.  Taken in NH at the Red Fox restaurant while waiting for a table.  I also grabbed several macro insect shots at their huge flower bed outside the building.  Why is it flowers and plants grow so huge in norther New England?  If you look close enough, you'll see a bee stealing a few last bits of pollen from the flower.  Enjoy.

Mt. Washington in full Color

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Mt. Washington never looked so good.  Yes, my family was patiently waiting in the car doing a slow burn while I ran for the tripod and took some pics from this beautiful magic hour sunset over Mt. Washington, NH.  This is clearly taken from the lookout point, but I didn't see any other tripods grabbing this colorful photo that night.

I have to give it to my family, they are so patient with me as I don't get out too often to only take photos.  My girls are often left sitting in the car waiting for me to "finish" my shots.  Enjoy.

Kenebunkport Sunset

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Yesterday was a glorious day in Kenebunkport, ME, where it was an astonishing 85 degrees on Oct 10, and very clear skies.  I was hoping for a few clouds to add some drama to some photos, but it wasn't to be.  We had just made a quick run before dinner to show my kids the George Bush compound, and on our way back, this looked like it could be a cool sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.  I did an HDR of this, but this was the first photo of the bracketed shot.  It doesn't reveal any lens flare, but I really liked the rocky coast in dark shadow.  The clouds just gave it some nice sunburst effect in camera.

Go ahead, take some photos into the sun.  I'm getting more confident in doing it and actually, don't mind the solar flare, it's kinda cool.  Enjoy.

Fall is Here

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It's hard to believe it was 86 degrees out today here in New England, but there are signs that fall is setting in. I was out in Medford taking photos of buildings and happened on this sprawling vine that is turning from green to red in beautiful fashion. The textures and colors struck me in a calming way. Enjoy.

Sepia Saturday?

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So really? This is "Sepia Saturday"? I'm really not with the program.  Anyway, this is a shot I took a couple of years ago post heavy snowstorm along the Mystic River. You can't see the river, it's to the right, but this is one of the railings that keeps you from falling in. I processed it then converted to B&W, and thought giving it the sepia treatment would do it justice. All done in Lightroom. Enjoy.

Thanks Steve

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Thank you Steve for making complicated things easy to understand, for making our lives much easier to live, and bringing enjoyment to everyone that's experienced one of your inventions. Gone too young, he will be missed.
Apple store near Central Park, NYC.