Red Tree

Posted on 10/17/2014 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

Coming around a corner and this tree just screamed "take my picture" at us.  Pretty cool how the cows grazing in the field behind could have cared less.  But then, they pretty much don't care about anything.  Enjoy.

Church Chat

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Thanks for the patience of my family to get this shot.  I had to sprint 100 yards up and down a steep hill, twice, to grab the right lens and then hope the shot was still there.  I didn't  even notice the kyak guy in the shot below the church.  Thanks buddy.  This was my favorite from the day.  Enjoy.

Ducking Bullets

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Thank God the gun range to the left was closed for Columbus Day.  I stayed very low when I took my shots.  Somewhere in NH.  Enjoy.

Fall White House

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It's been a while since I've driven my family crazy with jumping out of the car and taking photos of every potential shot I see. I liked how this pond framed the white house at the end. Climbed down a bank, over a fence, saved a Turtle from an eminent highway disaster, and here it is. Yesterday, we had a leaf peeping drive up through southern NH. More to come. Enjoy.