Just like Yesterday:

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Somewhere in Vermont I grabbed this shot of the turning leaves.  Not too many reds this time, but the yellows were pretty vibrant. (thanks Lightroom).  My point is we are in the midst of a winter storm here in Boston and I forgot to process these Fall photos which it seems like I took just yesterday.  Enjoy.

Let if Flow BABY!

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I worked hard for this one.  Hiked a whole 20 feet from the car, set up the tripod, and fired away.  Once the crazy people moved away from the bottom of the waterfall, I was good to go.  Don't you just love those roadside waterfalls all over Vermont and NH.  This one is from somewhere in VT.  Enjoy.


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Nutcrackers on Christmas Tree watch duty.  Always smiling, never complaining.  No presents were lost.  Enjoy.

Doughboy get's no respect

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Seriously Mr. Doughboy, nobody cares about your fancy chain of candy and gingerbread stars, we are all looking at the Corvette.  And what's with that sissyfied apron?  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  And furthermore, you've gotta start working out, you are turning soft.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All.

Wrong Turn

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Bernadette Peters made a wrong turn and hit a tree.  (you may need to look that one up)  Enjoy.

Hanging with Barbie:

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It looks like Barbie had a bit of a makeup malfunction while getting dressed for the Christmas tree gala.  She seems to have smeared some of her lipstick across the bridge of her nose.  And she thought no one would notice in this dim light.  She could use a good dermal abrasion to smooth out her skin too.  Oh well, she's still hot.

Of course, it's one of several Barbie ornaments hanging from our tree.  More intimate portraits of these women to come.  Enjoy.

Mystic Reflection

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Sunset over the Upper Mystic Lake.  Remnants of a dock of days gone by.  Enjoy.


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This is one of those uniquely rare moments that the sun is low enough in the sky, that the reflection comes all the way under the Rt 16 bridge here in Medford, and illuminates the underside of the arch.  Taken right outside my office on the patio.  Mystic river reflection.  Enjoy.