Anchor's away!

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I can't remember where I took this.  It was somewhere near Rockport.  I tried to frame the house across the bay in the nook of the Anchor while getting the texture of the wood in focus.  This photo just felt better in black and white.  Enjoy.

Morning Glory

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Perhaps the most famous hot spring in the United States.  Known as "Morning Glory" for its similarity to the flower, is located in the upper geyser basin of Yellowstone National Park.  I've seen many photos of this monument, and I think mine is up there with the best of them.  Enjoy.

Deer in the Headlights

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While driving back one evening from Yellowstone towards the Grand Teton National Park we saw these two baby Deer mesmerized by our headlights.  I stopped the car, grabbed my camera, they posed and darted into the brush.  Enjoy.

Walkway Pond in the back yard.

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Out the back door of my parents house in North Canton, OH, resides a walking path and this small pond.  This post is in honor of my parents who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  This is a great little space to take a relaxing walk.  Enjoy.

Thread the Needle

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I took this shallow depth of field shot while visiting Mystic Seaport, CT a few years ago.  A sailboat's mast was being repaired, and I really liked how the rhythm of the eyelets and the dock posts beyond played off each other.  Enjoy.

Mt. Moran from Oxbow Bend

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This view of Mt. Moran of the Grand Tetons, was taken from a very famous photo spot called "Oxbow Bend"  One of my favorites from our trip to Wyoming.  Enjoy.

Harbor Town at Night

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I caught this moon over the lighthouse at Harbor Town in Hilton Head, SC several years go.  After several attempts, I was able to hold the camera steady enough to capture the moment.  No tripod here.  Enjoy.

Yellowstone's big falls

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I know this is one of the most photographed waterfalls in America, but I couldn't resist sharing my shot of this incredible sight.  Yellowstone National Park is a must see.  Enjoy.

Hilton Head from the Dunes

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This was one of those drag myself out of bed at 5:00 AM while on vacation to catch a sunrise moments.  This photo was taken from the edge of the dunes at Hilton Head, SC.  I have more of these to come.  Enjoy.

Brooklyn Bridge at sunset

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In 2005, we made a trip out of visiting some friends in New York City.  This photo was taken near the South Street Seaport.  The sun was setting, the clouds were calling, my wide angle was mounted, so here it is.  Enjoy.

Sunset on the Tetons

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This was our view from the Jenny Lake Lodge dining room in the Grand Teton National Park, as the sun was setting during dinner.  The colors of the Grand Tetons kept changing by the minute.  Enjoy.

Momma and Baby

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It's not "Gorilla's in the Mist", because there wasn't any mist, but it surely is a reflection of the bond between a mother and child.  Enjoy.

Love Turtles

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I caught these two love birds, I mean Turtles necking alongside a landscaping feature at the Hyatt resort in Aruba.  They looked like they were having a better time than we were.  But they weren't.  Enjoy.

Mystic Seaport

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This view of the boats in the harbor at Mystic Seaport, CT caught my eye and I had to sit down on the dock and take it.  It was so serene at that time the reflections were very compelling.  It just feels better in black and white.  Enjoy.


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The red rocks are an incredible site as they rise up above the plane of the city.  This is Sedona, AZ, one of the most beautiful cities in the US.  This photo was taken from airport road at a lookout we casually found.  The views of the city are spectacular from this vantage point.  More from this spot later. Enjoy.

Sunset on the Saguaro's

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This looks like it might have been taken in the desert, but actually, it's carefully framed just outside the Hyatt in Scottsdale, AZ.  A beautiful sunset I couldn't miss shooting.  Enjoy.

Bull Snake

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While in Arizona traveling to Flagstaff, we stopped by a national monument, but this guy was blocking our way.  Fortunately, we didn't run over it but it sure gave me a great opportunity to take some close up photos of it in the road.  It mimics a rattle snake, but is not poisonous.  Enjoy

Sunset on Harbor Town

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Last night, I attended the Red Sox game with my daughter and after a brief shower, the sun came out and lit up the sky to a beautiful red orange hue.  This photo of the lighthouse at Harbor Town in Hilton Head, SC isn't quite the same sky, but a beautiful one none the less.  I have many more awesome sunsets and sunrises to come.  Enjoy.

Marine Corps War Memorial

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I went for an evening walk when staying near DC, walking around w/ my old point and shoot and accidentally came upon the Marine Corps War Memorial.  It was after dark and there was a guy with a tripod.  I asked him if I could use it because I could never have made this hand held.  A touching experience for me.  Enjoy.


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Many years ago, we had a 6th floor hotel room looking back over Hilton Head Island, where the evening lightning storms would roll in.  I've always liked a great lightning storm and on this night I was taking pics, and I got lucky hitting a great bolt.  Enjoy.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

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This photo was taken at Plymouth Plantation, in Plymouth, MA.  The reason I like this shot is that it represents so many metaphors, "light at the end of the tunnel", "stairway to heaven", (you insert your own).  To me, it represents much more. Enjoy.