Snow Bridge

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We didn't have any snow here in New England this year, so this is to remind us all that we still aren't out of the woods. All the lights gave this an orange hue, and I didn't like it, so I converted to B&W. I think I was standing in a 4' snow bank on this shot. Enjoy.

The Smarmy Look

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I don't know if that's how you spell it, but my Niece's daughter was horsing around and she's well aware by now that I'm making photos, so she fluffed her hair in front of her face and gave me that smarmy look. Enjoy.

Let the River Flow

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The day after I took this photo, the water was about 4' higher and raging like the Colorado. It poured rain like crazy overnight and when I went back to this point, I was amazed by the transformation. Ellis River in Glen, New Hampshire. Enjoy.

It's all about the Shoes

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Since when did my 16 year old Daughter get to grow up and wear shoes like this?

Someone is watching over you

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There are times when a photo needs something extra for effect.  I've strategically placed this young girl (my daughter) holding a bible in front of this beautiful stained glass window at St. Mary's Orthodox Church in Cambridge, MA.  There are many stained glass windows in this church, each one beautifully crafted and preserved.  This shows that sometimes you have to add something to make a photo work.  Enjoy.

Spring has Sprung?

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What the? It's the first day of spring, only 55 degrees at the beach here in Revere, MA, but this woman wanted to be the first official beach goer of the year. A little nippy for a beach day, but she's got the right idea. We have a short season up north. Enjoy.

International Waters

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It's no secret that we've had unseasonably warm weather the past week here in New England, but as I was grabbing lunch in Revere, MA, I saw this woman in full dress, alone with her thoughts meandering along the beachfront. Penny for her thoughts? Even the seagulls had to do a double take. Enjoy.

Lettuce entertain you!

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Pretty soon, heads will roll.  Taken at P. F. Chang's in Boston, MA.

Looking onto the past

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From inside to outside these beautifully detailed masonry buildings are visible from the atrium of the Transportation building in Boston. No one does brickwork like this anymore. I could design it all day long, but it's too expensive for craftsman to build anymore. Enjoy.

It's all Chinese to Me

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From above, watching a man read his book on his iPad, in Chinese, wearing his Hollister sweatshirt, in Boston. How cool is technology, and freedom? This one just felt right in B&W. Enjoy.

And you Light up my Life

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Well, not these lights, they are a bit dim, but I loved their juxtaposition (term Architects like to use) at the bar in P.F. Changs, Boston. The swirly colored glass was so warm. Enjoy. Shot w/ 70-200 IS II @ 2.8.

The Age of Innocence

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This is one of my favorite photos that I've ever taken. Long before I had a clue about the intricacies of photography. I took this shot of my daughter about 7 years ago when she was reaching for something in the water. An impromptu moment that is captured forever. Crystal clear water and jagged mountains complete it for me. Taken at Jenny Lake in Jackson, WY.  Enjoy.

Would you like to sit by the pond with me?

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This photo taken on the grounds of a relatively new Vineyard in, get ready for this, North Canton, OH. I grew up nearby and this couple took a chance on an old barn, converted it to a beautiful restaurant and now they grow their own wines. It's quite nice and risky in this working class city. I applaud them for their entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy.
check it out

Machine Age Revisited

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I had the opportunity to walk through an old Paper Mill recently. I didn't have much time, no tripod, and the lighting was dismal, but I managed to grab this shot of the old drying line boilers. I think that's what they were. I envisioned this photo in B&W from the get go. Most likely 100+ years old. I'm hoping to document the plant before it becomes history. Enjoy.

Amish Living

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Today was so wonderfully beautiful out, I thought I'd post a photo of a cloudy, cold day in Amish Country to get me back to reality that it's still March. This photo was taken in Millersburg, OH after a fresh snow. This is the heart of Amish country in Ohio. I visit there every time I'm back in OH to see my family. There is something about their simplistic lifestyle that is so pure and endearing. The rolling fields are neatly manicured and the roads are clogged with horse and buggy travelers. Almost makes you feel embarrassed to be driving a car. Enjoy

Painted Waterfall

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Waterfall in Glen, NH. Getting to this vantage point was not easy, but sure got the blood flowing as fast as the water was rushing. Artistic help from Photoshop of course.  I've been experimenting with some of the built in filters in CS4, and this is where I found that look of a painting on canvas.  Enjoy.

Hot Flowers

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As I burrowed myself in the hot sand - (pity me) I took this photo of these beautiful flowers seemingly growing out of the very dry sand. Amazing how they adapt to the dry climate. Taken on the beautiful island of Roatan, off the coast of Honduras. One of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. Enjoy.

Oreo Heaven

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In honor of Oreo's 100th Anniversary. You can have the last two. Didn't have time to post yesterday as I recovering from a sugar high. Enjoy.

Point me in the right direction

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I think this photo speaks for itself.

Won't you take me to Funky Cloud?

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Ok, it's a popular spot, but the overlook at Mt. Washington can provide a great view for some spectacular sunsets. This one had a cool cloud formation that almost looked like a giant shrimp net reaching out to catch you. Enjoy.