Bridge from the other side. Medford, MA:

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You've seen it before in my pics, but this is a shot of the John Hand bridge spanning the Mystic River from the opposite side looking back at my office.  My office is just over the bridge in the ground level of the brick building.  Enjoy.

Don't even think about it!

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My daughter's Prom shoes express a feeling only Red shoes can.  Don't mess with me and my dress.  Enjoy

H.H., you were Da Man:

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Trinity Church, perhaps H.H. Richardson's best known structure in America, stands proud next to the Boston Marathon finish line.  Here she sits at night looking good as ever.  Enjoy

The Lonely Bench

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A park bench sits isolated on the park by the Mystic River the day of the Blizzard of 2013.  Enjoy

These Chicks are HOT!

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Yes, they are just born from a mother goose on the ledge next to my office.  I checked on them today and they had flown the coop, or something like that, they were gone into the water below overnight.  I didn't see them and was hoping to get some more photos, but they just couldn't wait to leave the nest.  Enjoy.

Crowning Remembrance

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Marathon colors at the top of the Pru in support of the victims of the bombings.  Enjoy.