Thanks MOM!

Posted on 1/21/2013 by Doug Shoop | 1 comments

As in Mother Nature for sure.  She left this sweet morsel of snow goodness on my back yard patio the other day.  Here for a minute, gone forever after the sun  rose.  Basketweave never looked so good.  Enjoy.

Like a Bridge over Foggy Waters:

Posted on 1/14/2013 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

I've never seen this before in the 14 years I've had my office here.  The Fog just came up over the Mystic River quickly and as soon as it was there it left.  I ran out to grab this shot of the Rt. 16 Bridge, which I do frequently, but this was pretty eerie stuff.  Enjoy

Looks like New England?

Posted on 1/13/2013 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

Yeah, that's because it is.  Montpelier VT downtown church in late fall.  The colors were appealing to me.  Enjoy.

A River Runs Through It

Posted on 1/12/2013 by Doug Shoop | 2 comments

I don't know the name of this river that runs through Montpelier VT, but it adds a serenity to the downtown area.  This old railroad bridge is gently rusting in place and makes for a great walkway across the river.  I originally shot this and processed in HDR and found I liked this original version with some Lightroom adjustments much better.  Enjoy.

Moon over Boston

Posted on 1/01/2013 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

I grabbed this shot last fall during that giant moon.  Fortunately it slowly rose across the John Hancock Tower and headed towards the Prudential Center.  Enjoy.