DQ Attack

Posted on 4/30/2011 by Unknown | 0 comments

So, guess where we went tonight for an after dinner treat?  The sky was working it for me.  Enjoy.

Mystic River Sunset

Posted on 4/29/2011 by Unknown | 1 comments

It looked like it was going to be a good night for some sunset pics.  This one was taken from the Craddock Bridge in Medford Square looking over the Mystic River.  Enjoy.

Mystic Lake Sunset II

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I caught this sunset over Mystic Lake a few weeks ago.  Aren't sunsets like this calming?  Enjoy.

Ghost Train

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If you've ever waited and waited for a train to come, perhaps the train came, but you just didn't see it.  This is a photo of a train that came but no one saw it but my camera.  Enjoy.

Going UP?

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I was wandering the mall a few days ago while the girls were shopping, so I grabbed some pics of people going up and down the escalator.  It was all a blur to me.  Enjoy.

Sliding Train

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I was out shooting some sunsets, and I happened by the train station so I saw the train coming, ran up the steps and grabbed this photo of the train sliding into the station.  Enjoy.