Friday Night Lights:

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A sunset pic of perhaps the last game my daughter will ever pitch.  :(.  This was the worst field ever.  The infield was mostly weeds and stones.  The pitchers had to throw directly into the sun late in the game and my daughter was blinded so much she couldn't even see the catcher.  Billerica field, never again.  Only possible in HDR.  Enjoy.

They don't make em like they used to!

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110 year old building's used to have just one stair.  So the Architects really put some effort into the design.  The handrails are just incredibly detailed, the stair treads are marble and the landings are terrazzo.  Bet you can't find a fire stair in the past 50 years that has as much custom details as this one.  I'm sure there are may of this era, but this part of the building is where the least amount of money is spent today.  The sprinkler pipe was not part of the original design of course.  The railings are very cool cast iron.  Enjoy.

Sand crab's view of the tourists:

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It's about making the photo.  I saw this cool piece of driftwood floating in the ocean, walked around before most of the beach was packed with sun bathers, and walked all the way to the end of the beach to avoid some people, laid down on my stomach and took the shot.  Taken on Labadee, Haiti.  Enjoy.

Tripodless Faneuil Hall:

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Yeah, I don't think that's a word, but when without a tripod, I jamb the camera against and in between railings all the time.  This shot of Quincy Market was an HDR shot between the railings on the second floor of the retail shops.  Enjoy.

Splitting the Uprights

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I'm not sure what buildings these are, but I think they are in Brooklyn, NY.  We cruised by and I saw them coming when the sun was coming up and at that moment, I grabbed the shot.  Hey, it's football season, so it's appropriate.  Enjoy.

View from Above:

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It was fun looking at the sea birds from above for a change.  Seems like they are always hovering, crapping on everything and feeding on scraps.  These gulls were riding the Cruise Ship's windy wake as I looked down from the 11th deck.  I believe these are Masked Boobies.  Enjoy.

St. Maarten sunburst:

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Waiting for the water taxi to take us back to the Ship in St. Maarten, this cool sunburst from behind the setting sun popped up.  Couldn't resist the photo op.  Enjoy.

Custom House Blue

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Handheld HDR taken just as the sun had set and the sky was a beautiful deep blue.  The Custom House Tower was saying "hey, photograph me with the Faneuil Hall Marketplace sign in the foreground to give me context and lots of people walking around to show activity.  That tower is so demanding.  Enjoy.

Vintage Beauty

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Walking around Faneuil Hall a few weeks ago and I saw this awesome window display with this antique style dress front and foremost.  The lighting was just right. This one is for all the Ladies out there.  Enjoy.

A Narrows Miss Sunrise:

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The only place you can get this photo from is the top deck of a cruise ship as it passes under the Verazano Narrows Bridge at sunrise.  Coming back into port to Bayonne, NJ, our ship provided a spectacular vantage point to grab some sunrise over New York pics.  Timing is everything.  Enjoy.

Out of the Fog, a Tower rises

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A simple prayer for the victims of the 9/11 attacks.  God bless their families. God bless our Country.

Sunrise Structure

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This sculpture on the Explorer of the Seas was a fitting reference point for this sunrise as we sailed into the NYC harbor.  You can't quite see the sun yet, but the clouds and painted colors were cooperating nicely for this early morning shot.  Enjoy.

Custom House Tower

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Custom House Tower through the trees at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.  This building just says "Boston"  Handheld of course

Why the Long Face?

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Get me out of these reigns, Please!
One of those tourist rides at Quincy Market, but this horse looked like he had enough.  I wanted the custom house in the background, so I inched very close on the ground to grab this shot.  I think I missed the droppings.  Enjoy.

Salem Witch Power:

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Salem, MA is most noted for it's witches and odd stories of such, but on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I grabbed this shot of their power plant.  It sit's to the north of the downtown area and is quite noticeable from the waterfront.  I noticed how the stacks appear to be creating the clouds.  It felt better in B&W.

Jacqi Michaels Sihlouette

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Jacqi Michaels recently did a gig on a cruise ship I was on and I grabbed this pic of her during one of her more intimate solos.  She was very entertaining has a great vocal range, and is multi talented.  She's got more talent than most of the alleged "singers" that are more well known today. 

The spotlight above made for some nice lighting and helped to isolate her from the background.  Some minor B&W processing was all I needed.  Check her out at

Lesbian Cameo? (Not that there's anything wrong with that):

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I was in an antique shop at Pickering Wharf last Sunday and I was killing time dreaming of my forthcoming long island iced tea, when I noticed this collection of antique cameo's in a glass case. To my surprise, I thought I saw something unusual. Could that be a Lesbian Cameo sitting with the others? She's got a handle on things for sure. What do you think?

Cruise Runner

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I got up at 5AM to grab some sunrise photos with New York in the background, on the top deck of the cruise ship and while the sun was just beginning it's ascent, I waited for this jogger to run by me to catch her in motion. She thought she was getting in my way every time she went by, but I told her just to do her thing and I'll do mine. Perhaps that didn't sound so good at the time, but it worked for me on this pic. Enjoy.