Cruise Lines

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Another one of my rhythm's and patterns photos.  This is a detail I thought was very cool I found on our cruise ship last summer.  Oh, to be on a cruise and away from this snow right now would be great.  Enjoy.

Mystic River post Blizzard

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I posted the nighttime shot of the RT.16 Bridge over the Mystic River, here is the next day shot w/ the snow clinging to the trees.  This is right behind my office and I've posted several variations of this shot at different times of the year.  Enjoy.

Moon shot

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Remember the scene in Bruce Almighty where Jim Carey lasoo's the moon and pulls it so close, it looks giant sized on the horizon.  Well here it is.  Taken with my 200 MM lens, 2X extender, on a steady tripod.  Enjoy.


Rt. 16 Bridge over the Mystic River

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Yep, I almost slipped and fell into the Mystic River (again) on this one.  I didn't see what was below the 16" of snow and took a dive.  It's all worth it in photography right?  Fortunately, no one saw me do it, so I'll never be embarrassed about it.  Another 12" expected tomorrow.  Enjoy..

St. Joseph's Church, Medford, MA

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It looks like we are going to get another 12 - 15" of snow on Thursday.  Another photo opportunity perhaps?  This is a shot of St. Joseph's Church here in Medford shortly after our last blizzard a two weeks ago.   Lots of snow this year.  Enjoy.

Spring Bouquet on the Kitchen Table

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My wife bought herself some flowers the other day and I really liked this purple flower? Weed? in the bouquet.  I can't tolerate the smell of flowers but it doesn't stop me from standing on the chair and taking a macro photo of this beautifully colored bouquet.  Enjoy.

Nightime on the Mystic River - Post Blizzard Style

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I took this photo on my photowalk the night of our recent blizzard.  This is a three stop HDR image taken from the John Hand bridge looking towards Rt. 16.  The heavy snowfall was casually resting on the Mystic River and weighing the tree limbs down.  The sky still had some blue hues from the recent sunset.  Enjoy.

Snowfall on Governors Ave

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The morning after the Blizzard of 2011 provided some great photo opportunities.  Snow still clinging to everything on Governors Ave. makes for a beautiful sunrise photo.  Enjoy.

Old Fashioned Armory

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This is the original Armory building in Medford, MA taken at night in the aftermath of the 2011 Blizzard.  I thought this would be nice to give it an old fashioned black and white look /w some grain.  Enjoy.

Blizzard of 2011 at night

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After we had the snowfall last week that was considered a Blizzard, I trudged out that night to capture some post storm photos of Medford Square.  This is a view up Governors Ave. just after the snow plows went by. Enjoy.

Summer colors in the cold of winter

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Anticipating another 12 - 16" of snow on Wednesday, I thought I'd post something less winter-like in these summer flowers.  You don't see those colors in the winter very often.  Enjoy.

Ball bearing array

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While doing some Rotary work, we were in a local production facility stuffing food baskets, and I found this unique ball bearing rolling cart.  I believe it was used for sliding packages across the top at their shipping facility.  Enjoy.

Vines and Leaves

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I took this photo in Costa Maya during a walk to the ruins.  I found the beautiful green leaf and the vines on the tree created a nice contrast of textures and colors.  Enjoy.

New Years Flower

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I know it's the day of the Rose Bowl, but this flower just hits you with stunning color. So I'm honoring flowers on this New Years Day. Enjoy