Sunset Barn

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I posted a similar shot of this barn a few weeks ago that was more of a long shot.  I'm debating on which one I like better, so I figure I'd post this version too.  No tripod, I used the top of a fence to steady the camera.  Enjoy.

Name that Artist

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Not really sure of his name, it might be Joe or Kevin, but I do know what he paints with.  A Komatsu 1250 Shear excavator.  I saw this piece of steel gouged and scraped by the excavator and it looked like a work of a famous abstract artist to me.  It's unintentional art, but I think it is beautiful in it's own way.  What do you think?  Enjoy

Motor City

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No it's not Detroit, it's Haverhill, MA.  These motors are being cut apart and salvaged for their copper.  What looks like total junk is worth more than you can imagine.  Enjoy.

Too little, too late

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Isn't it ironic, don't you think?  I'll just let the photo speak for itself.  Enjoy.

Perspective Rules

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A few weeks ago, I posted a photo of this old Ford and the bike, taken from ground level, reflecting in a puddle left from an overnight shower.  This same subject matter takes on a whole different look when taken from a Back Bay staircase.  Move around, you can find yourself looking at things differently.  Change your perspective.  Enjoy.

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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Remember them?  Well, this isn't them, but this deconstruction worker just looks like he might fit right in.  He works for a large demo contractor here on a project in Haverhill, MA.  I caught him on a break grabbing a butt and a breather. Enjoy.

No Parking, No Problem

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Typical Back Bay situation, no parking anywhere.  Easy solution, ride a bike and say "in your face" to those meter maids.  Enjoy.

Lonely Sailboats

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I suppose that after a long day traversing the Atlantic, these sailboats need their rest.  So peaceful, so reflective.  Enjoy

Harbor Reflection

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This storefront window was perfectly located opposite a break in the stores that gives a peek towards the Rockport, MA harbor.  Manual focus was necessary to keep the auto from hunting as I wanted to clarify the hand crafted artwork in the store.  Enjoy.

Big Red

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Every time I head to Rockport, I try to see the lobster shack in a different way.  There is this row of shops along the main road that has a few gaps between the building, so I saw this bunch of flowers and grabbed a shallow depth of field pic so the contrast in colors were more pronounced.  Enjoy

The Back Side

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Not many people photograph this famously red lobster shack in Rockport, MA from the rear, but in many ways, it's just as beautiful.  In fact, I've never really noticed it before.  So glad I did.  Enjoy

Tidal Pool leap of faith

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As the Olympics approach, I wonder when if they might consider bridge jumping into tidal pools.  As the tide ebbs and flows, I'm sure this is more or less dangerous, depending on the time of day, but this boy doesn't seem to care at all.  I like his form, it's originality, degree of difficulty, and I give him a 9.8.  It would have been a 10, but his right foot is not pointing like the left.  Enjoy.

Late day Rockport, MA

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Late in the day harbor grab. Of course, the wife is wondering around the various shops and I'm wondering around looking for a way to get down close to the water and found this hidden staircase to a mucky sandy area. Enjoy.

Going back for the Shot

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Out with my wife last Sunday heading for dinner and we drove by this farm near Woodman's Restaurant in Essex, MA.  I dropped her off and she wasn't thrilled about it but I made her wait in line while I ran back to take a few, using a fence as my tripod shots of this beautiful sunset.  A few minutes later it would have been pink, but you take what your time gives you and get the shot.  Enjoy.

Swimming in New England? Good luck with that:

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C'mon, how cold could it be.  Well, as this young boy is tepidly testing out the frigid water and rocky bottom, it's pretty cold.  Swimming in the ocean in New England during the summer is a crap shoot.  You can always tell how cold the water is based on how many kids are in it.  It seems kids are immune to freezing water temps for swimming.  Adults, not so much.  This kid won't even put his hands in the water.  I think he enjoyed himself nonetheless.  Taken near Manchester by the Sea at "Tucks Point".  Enjoy.

Just can't beat those Curved Beams

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I never design curved beams because I know my clients would freak out at the cost.  This is the underside of the walkway that takes you over Storrow drive, so public project, no regard for costs, or maintenance for that matter.  The view is of the Charles river on a lazy Sunday.

Proud to be an American

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Thankful for those brave men and women who protect our freedom.  Enough said.

Scooter reflection:

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The only reason I would take this shot is because of +Lotus Carroll and all her reflection selfie's.  It's all her fault.  I was in the middle of a photo walk class in Back Bay, Boston and saw this cool scooter and with the Back Bay reflected in the background, thought it was totally cool.  I tried hard to get a similar reflection in the front of the lens and put my knuckles in the sunlight so you'd see them.  This was fun.  Lotus, it's all your fault.  I suppose if I pee'd on the street, you could consider it a bathroomselfie. You have to be on Google+ to know who Lotus us.  Enjoy.

I'm King of the World!

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Not quite Titanic. Actually, if you look closely, they all have safety harnesses around their waists.  This is a photo of the Colombian tall ship that sailed into Boston Harbor over the weekend.  I'll post an album later.  Enjoy.