Hydrangea in Jail

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I finally got a chance to head out to take some photos last night before sunset. I thought the contrasting colors of these flowers really looked cool. Enjoy

Carribean sunset

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Just dreaming about the beautiful sunsets we had off the Cruise last summer. This was one of them. Enjoy.

Quincy Market

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Boston's famous Quincy Market with the Custom House Tower looming in the background.  A little bit of HDR to get the detail in the shadows.  Enjoy.

Mini Golf Windmill

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No this isn't one of those windmills you putt through at the mini-golf, but it is at Kimball Farms miniature golf course in Westford, MA.  What a great place and the ice cream is to die for.  Enjoy.

Happy 4th

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Happy Fourth of July.  Enough said.  Enjoy.