Shaquille O'neal of Dandelions

Posted on 4/27/2012 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

I've been tardy with my daily posts, but life happens sometimes. Anyway, while taking photos on a construction demo site yesterday, I wandered away onto the infield of an ancient baseball field awash in a sea of dandelions. This really tall one reaching above the crowd caught my eye. It resulted in lying on my stomach and getting my clothes all "yellow" but was totally worth it. I have so many really cool pics from this interesting demolition job I am shooting that I will be posting soon.

Holy Week

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Tomorrow is Good Friday for all Orthodox Christians, so here is a shot of the priest's bible at our church with a beautiful stained glass window beyond. This is actually from a Christening, but I'll never tell. Happy Easter this Sunday to you all

Hitting one in that bunker is a Baaaaad shot.

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Just some goats doing some lawn care for the course manager at Aruba's Tierra del Sol. They have a sniper posted at the top of the lighthouse to fend off the wildlife on the course. Just kidding. Enjoy.

Moon ME

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I was thinking about the full moon the other day as it seemed so bright. This from a few years back. Enjoy.

Calm Lake

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I went to the lake because it looked like a nice sunset, but the clouds dissapated and my Canon 7D was freezing up on me :(, but I was able to get a couple of sunset shots. Gotta get that thing serviced by Canon. Upper Mystic Lake, Medford, MA Enjoy.

North Conway Rail Car

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I saw a post on Google+ from a friend of a rail car and I thought, mine was pretty cool too, but I never shared it.  I snuck on this rail car last summer when they were putting away the trains.  It's an old turn of the century North Conway Scenic Railroad rail car that has been restored to it's original glory.  Note the beautifully arched clerestory windows a the top of the cab.  Very cool  Enjoy.