Under the Bridge Baby

Posted on 10/09/2012 by Doug Shoop | 0 comments

How can you get this vantage point on a sunrise over Brooklyn, NY you might ask.  Well, it helps when you are 14 stories above the waterline cruising along in a 1,000 foot long ship.  Cruising into Bayonne, NJ, I got up early to catch this spectacular sunrise and waited till we hit the mark to grab this shot.  I got a bunch of great shots that morning and no walking was required.

Take it to the "Limit" Baby!

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My friend's new mixing board.  He explained how it worked, all I was was pretty lights and a shallow depth of field.  Enjoy.

Heads UP!

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Sitting in the back alley between buildings in Boston, and I looked up through the sunroof of my car to see this gently curving facade.  I'm not sure what building it was, but with no clouds in the sky, it looked very cool.  I positioned my self directly under the column and wrenched my neck to grab the shot.  Enjoy.

That's just like you to Barge in.

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Not sure what it's transporting, but this sunrise gave me a great silhouette for the ship.  Enjoy.