Central Park Serenity

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I crouched down near these flowers to frame the rowboats on the water at the pond in Central Park, NY. Enjoy.

Thirsty Ant

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Even an Ant has to get a drink of water every now and then. It looks like that is what he was doing. Enjoy and don't get creeped out.

The Fishermen

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I got up at about 4:30AM, drove 45 minutes in anticipation of an awesome foggy morning on the river, but neither turned out as expected.  The mosquitoes were relentless though. I did manage to get these two guys fishing early in the morning on the Carlisle River.  Enjoy.

Nature's preserve

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While driving home from Kimball Farms last week, the sun was setting behind me and I saw this wetland area that looked like a nature preserve out of a magazine.  The birds were flying around and the bugs were biting.  Enjoy.

Amelia Earhart Dam

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It's not the most beautiful of buildings, but without this 1967 built Dam, the Mystic River would still be a tidal river.  I took this sunset photo where I hadn't intended on taking a photo of it.  Thank you mother nature for the wonderful sky.  Happy Fathers Day,  Enjoy.

NYC at night

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Oh, you know what building this is. I took this on a late night photo walk w/ my telephoto and tripod, of course. One of my fav's. Enjoy.

Little Miss Angel

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How can you say no to this Angelic face?  My relative's daughter playing in the yard on Memorial Day.  Enjoy.

Paul Revere a Bruins fan?

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Looks like Paul has been watching the Stanley Cup finals.  HDR of the statue in the north end. Go Bruins!

New stamp

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I've found the best statue of liberty head shot for the new stamp.  How could our US Postal service screw that one up so badly?  Using the Vegas statue is inexcusable.  Enjoy.

Zodiac in NYC

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Signs of the Zodiac in NYC. Sculpture can be found on the south end of Central Park. Enjoy.