You talking to me?

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This bull was telling me something but I don't understand bovine talk.  Can anyone read his lips?  Or, put your own caption.  Anyway, how can you make a day trip through the back roads of New Hampshire without grabbing a shot of a steer?  #18 posed nicely for me.  Enjoy.

Last photo before demo

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I may have mentioned, I'm taking photos of an old paper mill that is being demolished in Haverhill, MA on the Merrimack River. This is looking up at the 150' high smokestack that was part of the power plant that ran the mill for over 100 years.  This building is very cool and I have lots more to share later.  It's all gone now.  Enjoy.

Red-ish Beauty

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There is something about the deep red mountains juxtaposed nex to a prickly cactus that capture the feeling of the southwest. This is from a Sedona, AZ off road field trip. Enjoy.

Ingenious Seed Design

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Ok, another dandelion post, but looking at how those seedlings come from that yellow flower and how well they are designed to float in the air and ruin your perfect grass, it's pretty cool.  Enjoy.

Rhythm's of Wood

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I don't remember which building this was in, but I know it's in Mystic, CT.  I just loved the rhythmic dance of light, shadows, windows, beams and floorboards.  It must be the architect in me coming out, but it works best in B&W.  Enjoy.

Unexpected Surprise

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I was so looking forward to taking pics of the giant perigree moon a few weeks ago, but the fog came in so fast over the Atlantic, that it reduced visibility to less than 50'.  While waiting for the sun to set and the moon to rise, I was walking around behind the local Cosco and saw this nice inlet of the Mystic River and the sunset was casting it's pink on the clouds.  I never even knew this was here, and just out of frame to the left is Boston.  Enjoy.

Things are looking up!

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What an inchworm sees when approaching a dandelion.  Enjoy.

Waiting for the big gust of wind:

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Last week, I took a pic of these dandelions in a bright yellow bloom, but only a week later, they've completely transformed into these puffy seedlings that look like a field of cotton. I had to get down on their level to see what it was like to be a dandelion. Enjoy

Not a Chance:

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The smokestack in the distance didn't stand a chance against this Komatsu excavator with a shear claw attached. This thing is scary. I've yet to see any object it can't completely destroy. It cuts through steel beams like a scissor and rips apart concrete like play dough. It's an amazing piece of demolition equipment. I think it'd cut a tank in half with no problem. Enjoy.

Nailed IT!

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Once a part of an old mill building, this beam had hundreds of giant spikes still in place from a day gone by when they were first driven home. Who held those spikes in their hands before they were placed 110 years ago? If they could talk. Enjoy.

Dual Exhaust

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Usually, that means extra horsepower. In this case, it has something to do with 100 year old boilers. If you squint, it almost looks like the low hanging clouds are the exhaust smoke. Enjoy

Growing Up

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My Daughter getting ready for her Junior Prom.

3D Dog Bone

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How's this for a roadside sculpture. I noticed this the other day near Haverhill, MA, coming south on 495. Giant steel 3D Dog w/ a bone stomach. Pretty cool. Enjoy.

Softball support for Breast Cancer

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My daughter's Medford High School varsity softball team played rival Malden HS this past week and both teams showed their support for breast cancer research by donning pink and raising money for the cure. This was the girls up against the fence cheering on their teammates.

Can Lightning Strike Twice

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This huge branch from a giant willow tree was struck by lightning several years ago and for some crazy reason, it continues to thrive well in it's broken down state as it lays on the ground. The spring lavender ground-cover was a bonus in this shot. Enjoy.

Lawrence River, Haverhill, MA

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I almost slid down the bank into the river getting this shot. You can see by the angle of the trees, it's very steep, but my catlike moves got me into position. Perhaps it was more luck, but nevertheless, the view was pretty cool. Enjoy.