Christmas Village

Posted on 11/28/2011 by Doug Shoop | 2 comments

Every year, my daughter takes a living room tabletop and turns it into a little Christmas village with all these miniature houses that plug in and streetlights, and carolers, and a really cool tree. This is her masterpiece creation. If you look close, you'll see Santa checking out the scene. Enjoy the holiday spirit.

Deep Sunset

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I was with my 16 yr old daughter logging some road miles with her new permit, and I could see the sunset coming. I had her drive around Lake Quanapowitt in Wakefield, MA and scoped out this weeping willow and dead tree reaching out over the water. It's almost December, so very few leaves remain, but I think it makes the shot more interesting. I tried a bunch of HDR's and to be honest, they just weren't cutting it for me, so I just grabbed one of the darker photos and lightroomed it up. Too bad I left too soon, because about 10 minutes later, the sky was a deep, deep pink. Enjoy

Gobble Gobble What?

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And where do you think you are going Buddy?  Trying to skip out of dinner?

Actually, I think this guy is just fine.  I spotted him wandering in the neighborhood.  Probably trying to avoid the fox that's been seen around this populated area.  I think we are chasing the wild animals, right to our front doors.  .... Anyway, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  I know that I have a lot to be thankful for.  An Awesome family, good health, great friends, God, faith, and, oh, yes, the love of Photography.  Enjoy!

Winter on the Mystic

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Just getting in the spirit of things this time of year brings me to this photo. I took this last year on the John Hand bridge in Medford, MA. This is adjacent to my offices which are off to the right. It was such a beautiful morning after a soft and thick overnight snowfall. Enjoy.

Teton Moon

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Pre-HDR. Yes, it looks a bit like an HDR image, but I took this back in 2005 while the family was vacationing in the Grand Tetons. This is a view of the mountain range from Jackson Lake Lodge. A view seen by millions, but on this night, while the sun was setting, the Moon still lingered above the horizon. I just love this area and can't wait to re-visit some day. Enjoy

Leaves a Fire

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How's this for a view outside my office? Add a little soft focus and warmth and the trees look like they are on fire. So sad the leaves are almost gone. The colors turned so erratically this fall, I had a hard time finding a bunch of trees turning color at the same time. Enjoy.

The Arc of the Blade

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Driving from Ohio to Massachusetts, we hit a rest stop with three wind turbine blades on three wide load tractor trailers parked side by side. This one seemed to be having a problem with the steel beam spanning the cab to the rear trailer. It appears to be twisted of axis. These things were huge. I would guess close to 100' long. I had to go with a hand held HDR for this shot, but the sun was nicely behind the clouds on an overcast sky. Enjoy the arc of the blade.

The Framing Branch

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When near a river, I'm always looking for branches to frame buildings, bridges, etc.   Fall is a great time of year to get the leaves to provide a color punch.  This is the Rt.16 Bridge over the Mystic River.  I kind of cheated, it's right outside my office.  I had to noodle my camera outside the fence and hold it against the rail to steady this hand held shot.  Enjoy.

Don't be afraid of the water!

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Sometimes you just have to get wet to get the shot. While vacationing in Marco Island, FL a few years back, we took a day trip sailboat ride to a nearby reef/island that was loaded with shells. It seemed to catch the good ones, so while the kids looked for shells, I noticed this sea grass reaching out over the water. Framed the sailboat in the background and the sky was a pristine blue. Standing in the water was the right vantage point. Enjoy.


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Reflections of..... I love reflections, and glass buildings often provide some really great photographic opportunities. If you look close, you'll see the street lamp and street sign on fifth avenue in New York City. I was going to crop it out, but, ehh, left it in. Enjoy.

Patterns, Lines and Details

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Patterns, lines, and details "OH MY"! Throw in a little bokeh and you've got something. The architect in me comes out on this one. While walking around the "City", I was fixated on the cool detail of this wrought iron framework that's applied to the limestone of some swanky jewelry store on Madison Ave. in New York City. Don't forget to look for those converging lines, patterns and details. Architects spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about this stuff. They also work great in photographs. Enjoy.

Tidal Stream Sunset

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It's not that often that I get a chance to get out and take sunset photos, but as we were riding back from Hampton Beach earlier this summer, we stopped at this seafood restaurant for dinner.  I could see the sky setting up for a beautiful sunset.  There was this tidal creek in the back of the restaurant that as we were waiting for our dinner, I snuck out to grab some sunset pics and the clouds started rolling in from the west.  They gave the sun  nice blanket to shoot at.  This is an HDR of that beautiful sunset.  Enjoy.

More Central Park Beauty

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What more can you say?  It's Central Park.  The best city park on the planet.  The place is just beautiful all year round.  I just love the combination of nature juxtaposed against Architecture.  Amazingly, this was taken in late October this year and very few leaves are turning.  It almost looks like mid summer.  I was trying to frame the two high rise buildings w/ the branches, so it gave them a hat.  Enjoy.

Timeless Skyline

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A few years back, we were visiting the city and ended up staying in Jersey City, NJ.  This turned out to be advantageous for taking night shots of Manhattan.  This just felt better done in black and white and I think it gives it a timeless quality.  Enjoy.