Sunrise on Hilton Head

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This was an easy photo, just getting up early was the only catch.  Taken from our balcony at the hotel in Hilton Head, SC.  Another beautiful sunrise.  Enjoy.

Home on the Range

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Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam.  This is the one, but it's not inhabitable and its over 120 years old, and the buffalo roam all over the place, even inside.  The old barn is located at Mormon's Row outside of Jackson, WY with the Grand Teton Mountains in the background.  Late August, no snowcap on the mountains. Enjoy.

Lion's Den

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Now this guy looks hungry.  I was on a safari and we snuck up on this beast while he was sleeping.  He was totally chilling out.  Well, it was a safari to the Franklin Park Zoo.  Enjoy.

Lighthouse at Harbor Town

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Nothing like taking a walk on a warm summer night down at Harbor Town, in Hilton Head, SC with the Lighthouse in the shadows and a beautiful sunset behind.  I miss that place.  We used to visit almost every year when the kids were younger.  A great family place to visit.  Enjoy.

The Boxer

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And now for something completely different.  I took this photo of the neighbors dog and thought, this guy "Diesel" is really good at posing for a photo.  He look menacing, but he's a pushover.  Enjoy.

Washington Monument

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In it's simplistic form, it's still one of the coolest monuments ever made.  Often copied, never duplicated, the Washington Monument is an American treasure.  Enjoy.

Arizona Sunset

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Nothing sweeter than a beautiful sunset on a very hot Arizona night.  This photo, taken outside the Hyatt in Scottsdale, AZ reminds me of the incredible colors that sunsets in that part of the country can bring on a daily basis.  Enjoy.

Jefferson Memorial

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As we approach the fourth of July, we should take a moment or two and show some respect for our country's founding fathers.  I'll be posting a few more Washington DC monuments in the coming weeks in honor of those men.  Enjoy.

Jenny lake reflection

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My daughter reaching out and touching one of the rocks in Jenny Lake, in the Grand Teton National Park.  One of my favorite photos of her, even though you don't know it's her.  Funny how not even seeing someone's face can make a a great shot.  A polarizing filter was a must for this photo to work.  Enjoy.

Seaguls on the Pier

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Several years ago while visiting my mother-in-law at the Spaulding Rehab in Boston, I noticed this collection of old dock piers that the seagulls seemed to like.  So did I.  Enjoy.

One Night in Tierra Del Sol

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Having dinner at the Tierra Del Sol country club one night in Aruba, the sunset gave the sky a beautiful hue and I grabbed my old Powershot G1 and did a hand held shot long exposure.  No tripod back then.  I thought the colors were pretty cool.  You can see the family eating by the pool.  Enjoy!

San Diego Sunset

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I know what you are thinking, I added color to this photo.  The truth is, there is no retouching in photoshop or any other software.  This sunset over San Diego was just this color.  Spectacular.  Enjoy!

Korean War Memorial

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The Vietnam War Memorial get's all the publicity, but the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC is equally impressive.  I never knew it was there until we made a visit years ago.  The statues of the men in battle are over-sized and the reflection of them off the granite wall w/ etched faces is very moving.  Enjoy.


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I could have used this guy in the basement today while I was battling a carpenter ant problem.  I believe I murdered about 400 ants today.  RIP.  Found this non-poisonous spider in Hilton Head, SC perched outside the window while dining.

Grand Tetons

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I know, it's been over a week since I last posted.  Been busy w/ family stuff.  Any way, this photo was taken from the north side of Jackson Lake in Wyoming just north of the Grand Teton National Forest.  The mountain range is the Grand Tetons.  Enjoy.