All you need is some Artwork

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I know, all you need is Love, la de da de da. I found this icon just up the street from our hotel. Enjoy.

Missed him by "that much"

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When I tell you I didn't see this spider the first time, I'm not kidding.  This little guy is no bigger than a pencil point.  I re-framed the photo so you could see him.  Taken in my yard during last week's rainy season.  His web was haphazardly constructed, but well placed.  Enjoy.

I poop on you

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Did you ever feel like it was one of those days when everyone was crapping on you.  George M. Cohan has that feeling every day in Times Square.  Enjoy.

Get the Tripod Low

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This shot was a bit tricky.  I was sharing the pavement w/ a homeless guy at night in order to shoot this up through this sculpture outside the office building on 57th & Lexington in NYC.  I had to lay on the ground to make sure the lens had captured this on center.  Enjoy.

NYC Colorized

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This is another shot of Times Square taken as an HDR.  The colors are amped up with this tonemapped image.  The overload of colors and activity makes this processing seem appropriate.

Colored shoes

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The colors grabbed my eyes, the shoes looked great and when aligned just the right way, there is something soothing about this shot.  You think I can remember the name of the shoe store? Enjoy.

Times Square Overload

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This seemed like the right way to develop this photo of Times Square, which is a total sensory overload.  Enjoy.