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Boston Skyline summer sunset.  Taken handheld on a party boat, after some drinks perhaps.  Enjoy.

Sunset Sandwich

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Building sandwich.  Looks like the sun is caught in a vice grip between these two buildings.

Lake Solitude, Newbury, NH

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It takes a rigorous hike uphill about 1,500 feet to reach this beautiful and serene pond.  It's actually called Lake Solitude.  Pack some snacks, water, and good hiking shoes.  Contrary to what the information guy said at Lake Sunapee resort, it's not an easy hike.  Enjoy.

One World Trade Center Observatory images.

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If you are in NYC and get the chance don't miss the trip to the new One World Trade Center Observatory.  It's worth the cost of admission.  The elevator ride up and down are the coolest elevator ride you'll ever experience.  Face the back of the elevator, because all of the elevator panels are video screens.  The surprise at the end of the video is awesome.  Enjoy.

Heavenly View on Sacred Ground

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A view from the observation deck of One World Trade Center. Enjoy.

A different kind of Jersey Shore

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Sunset over the Hudson looking at Jersey City. Enjoy.

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse 2015

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Tonight's Supermoon Lunar Eclipse.  Enjoy.  #Lunareclipse, #eclipse, #supermoon

Red Tree

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Coming around a corner and this tree just screamed "take my picture" at us.  Pretty cool how the cows grazing in the field behind could have cared less.  But then, they pretty much don't care about anything.  Enjoy.